Rhiti Group owner Arun Pandey believes every citizen has a social responsibility towards his nation

Our country gives us respect, honour, recognition and identity. Rhiti Group owner, Mr. Arun Pandey says that whenever we get an opportunity, we must give it back to the country. We shouldn’t be content with our personal milestones, but should try to help fellow citizens as well. It is important to look at the bigger picture to build a good society and country.

It is our duty to bring in a change by helping the fellow countrymen. We must remember our own struggle and lift those people who are struggling in their life. Mr. Arun Pandey, the owner of Rhiti Sports, needed to take an important decision pertaining to his career when he was playing in the Ranji Trophy as he had a broader vision and wanted to achieve something big not just for himself but for his country.He took a bold move and reversed his fortune by becoming an entrepreneur.He established ‘Rhiti Sports’, his own sports management and marketing company in 2007. Since then, he has achieved unmatched success in his venture. His decision proved to be a masterstroke and his struggle was over, as if it never existed.

Taking a cue from his own struggle, he took an initiative to uplift the talented youngsters from remote areas who are deprived of proper sports facilities. He encouraged and supported these youngsters. He organizes a number of tournaments throughout the country to provide a platform to all the aspiring players, so that they can follow their passion.

He bats for equal promotion of sports so that the players associated with every sport get recognition. Through Rhiti Sports, Mr Pandey is bringing talent from all parts of the country to the top level. He wants a better sports management in the country, which will directly boost the performance of players on the field.

Mr. Arun Pandey says that the ultimate goal is to benefit the youth and create a nice culture in our society.He believes that our society and country make us ‘who we are’ and we ought to give it back to the country.




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