Interior Designers at Modi Builders say painting wooden floors can transform your home

Painting wooden floors has been considered almost a taboo for quite a long time. Breaking this long-held taboo, Modi Builders, one of the top builders in Hyderabad, has been providing wooden flooring, painted in different hues to suit the moods and needs of various rooms. The feedback that Modi Builders received for its painted floors has been great.

On being asked why they chose painted wood floors instead of stained ones, interior designers at Modi Builders said, “Painted floors have many merits over the stained ones. Firstly, painting a floor is much convenient— a low-dust sanding before priming and then one to two coats of paint dry a few hours. Secondly, there are circumstances when paint offers superior performance. Due to manifold refinishing, old hardwood gets too thin and painting it will increase the floor’s life.”

When it comes to painted floors, buyers are majorly concerned about scratches. However, this is less of a problem than one might think. Using primer and a tough grade of paint will likely prevent scratching or chipping. Porch paint works well in high-traffic settings, and higher sheens will dry harder than matte sheens. “Scratched floors can be quickly and seamlessly touched up with a brush but it’s challenging to deal with stained floors. Moreover, painted wood floors can be also mopped like other floors, with no polish required,” said an interior designer at Modi Builders.

The perks of painting wooden floors don’t end here. Paint is a great way to add a distinct style to your home by synchronizing the wooden floors with the color of furniture, drapes and walls. Stained wood floors are just influenced by design trends as the colors on the walls or the drapes in the living room. If your hardwood flooring is not in sync with your home’s look, then painting the floor is a great way to fix that. Be it a warm or cool hue, you can quickly align your floors with the rest of your décor with paint,” opined interior designers at Modi Builders.

They added, “We got a positive feedback for the apartments’ flooring at Elegance project located in the proximity to Kukatpally. We are also looking to continue with it (painting the floors) as we develop other projects at different locations.”


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