Haier India and other tech giants enhancing the customer service with facial recognition

With the world continuously becoming more digitally inclined, the role AI in taking over our lives has not been unfettered. A part of AI, facial recognition technology has been widely used for quite some time now. Be it corporates, biometrics, criminal studies, and several industries, facial recognition has made an immense impact on the practice of work. Most notably as a means of unlocking the device, facial recognition has just starting to make its way to the business world

There are some of the top global brands that utilize the technology, and incorporate it in their business operations.

Recently, home appliances and electronics brand, Haier India, uses facial recognition machinery to provide enhanced customer service, and overall user experience. The technology also strengthens security by enabling proper identification.

We are committed to creating a seamless and hassle free service experience for our customers throughout their product journey with us by strengthening our capabilities technologically. We are thrilled to be the first in the industry to introduce the facial recognition feature in our service engineer mobile application. Keeping in mind the security authentication aspect and wider acceptance of the feature among our service workforce, we at Haier, India, have introduced this integration to ensure an easy and secure authentication for the engineers,” said Haier India President Eric Braganza.

Apart from Haier, other names in the list are of major tech-brands such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.  Taking the technology to a whole new meaning, Apple tries to gain a competent advantage through the technology by analyzing moods, and emotions through it.

Facebook has been long using the face recognition technology, tagging photos by detecting your face impressions.

Amazon, another major player in the field of technology, is currently working on a project including facial technology, and deep learning. The app is under construction, and will allow payments at the click of a selfie. The feature will reduce the chances of identity theft, and magnify the ease in transactions.

Quantifying the value of facial recognition technology, however, requires a company to be willing to automate office tasks, and completely adopt the technology.




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