Power Bank Explosion at Delhi Airport, where is technology leading us?

Jack Wilson

, Techno Hour

August 28, 2018, Tuesday saw the arrest of a 55-year-old woman at the Delhi Airport. She was allegedly involved in an argument with a security personnel who had asked her to remove the power bank from her baggage.
Following the conversation between the two, the woman threw the power bank on the floor, which triggered a blast. The busy airport experienced commotion and a few scared passengers when the incident took place.
The question that arises after the incident is what technology has brought us to? With an increased involvement of phones in our lives, power banks have become the need of the hour. A common electronic device, it can be easily found with anyone.
What happened as a small incident today, could be a major mishap in the future. Claimed to be safe, the devices can trigger big explosions that could be devastating. The case that occurred at the Delhi airport saw no casualties or infrastructure losses. However, had this been a planned activity, the results would have led to a shocking aftermath.
Although the lady was arrested, she was later released on bail and is claimed to be an actress, according to sources.


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