Rajat Khare founded Boundary Holding invests in Indian Artificial Intelligence startup

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European investment fund Boundary Holding has announced its investment in Asteria Aerospace, a robotics and artificial intelligence company from Bengaluru.

Founded by Nihar Vartak and Neel Mehta, Asteria is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that provides specialized unmanned aerial platforms to the military, and law enforcement as well as mining, construction and oil industries. The drone-based solutions by Asteria offer actionable intelligence from aerial data and integrate seamlessly into operational workflows.

“Asteria Aerospace is well-positioned to fly higher,” stated Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding.

Asteria Aerospace’s product line-up includes Cygnus, a fixed-wing drone; multi-rotor drone A400; and Genesis, its software stack for drone control and fleet management. The product catalog has also brought Asteria some interesting clients including Indian paramilitary agencies, state police forces, and international companies as well as a tangent of industrial applications and clients.

Drones have showcased immense potential ever since the machine set up a dedicated market, niche if you may, for itself in the national as well as global markets. Considering the accessibility, easy to use interface, and integration capabilities with multiple other technologies such as measuring units, cameras, or even load carriers, driven by technology.

The investment by Boundary Holding follows a global trend in accord with international interest and intrigue in Artificial Intelligence, besides its utility in surveillance through drones. Drones and their aerial data have been notably efficient in precise intelligence gathering, and more informed decision-making.

UAV powered solutions - rajat khare Geneva

“We are very glad to add Asteria Aerospace to our portfolio of investments in Artificial Intelligence. I believe that with this association, Asteria Aerospace is well-positioned to fly higher,” stated Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding.

The investment follows closely on the heels of the investment in XRVision, a Facial Recognition startup from Singapore. With investments in different parts of the AI value chain, Boundary Holding aims to create a comprehensive portfolio of companies that offer amazing AI solutions to different sectors. The parallel investments in Asteria and XRVision could also help Boundary Holding leverage the potential of AI-based Video Content Analytics as well as actionable drone intelligence from drones – a space which is gathering quite an interest in international markets, in both investment trends and utility.

AI-complaint video analytics and facial recognition technology will shape the future of various industries, majorly that of security and surveillance. The AI, and deep technology integrated video analytics tools will have the power to drive decisions in the future, and increase operational efficiencies.

The technology is incredibly accurate, with wide-ranging capabilities, making it one of the most promising field of investment. Facial recognition technology, in addition to the predictive video analytics, is bringing major change in sector of surveillance and damage prevention. That said, XRVision’s work towards advancements in video analytics shows huge growth potential, which has attracted investments for the startup.

About Boundary Holding

Boundary Holding is a European new-age technology fund with presence in Luxembourg and France, which invests in Angel and Venture capital funds across sub-sectors in Artificial Intelligence. Founded by Rajat Khare (an entrepreneur and venture capitalist), Boundary Holding primarily acts as a Bridge Investment for startups and organizations and  has a network of startup programs around the world, and over $200 million in committed capital across different organizations all over the world.

The company seeks to invest in the capital-efficient business models of tech-entrepreneurs, and invest ahead of the AI revolution in companies that are leading the AI space with their innovations.


Geneva, Recently – Boundary Holding announces its investment in Astrocast, a company based in Chavannes-près-Renens and specializing in nanosatellite technology. Astrocast currently operates the most robust end-to-end Nanosatellite IoT Network, and is the Swiss company with the most satellites in orbit as well as the leading satellite telecom operator in Switzerland.

Rajat Khare IIT Delhi alumnus, said, “The legal sector is undergoing a massive transformation, more so amid the pandemic. Thus, embracing new-age technologies like AI and machine learning has become the need of the hour.”


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  • Abhishek Bisht 27 / 07 / 2021 Reply

    I guess soon Artificial Intelligence will overtake humans. It’s impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being.

  • Aanchal Sharma 27 / 07 / 2021 Reply

    For bringing change in the world of tech, artificial intelligence and Deeptech investors like Rajat Khare resource the society and bring more revolutionary innovations to humanity in the future.

  • Rajan Arora 27 / 07 / 2021 Reply

    Artificial Intelligence will be the largest business opportunity in the next decade. It automates repetitive and manual tasks. It will soon augment human decision-making. Soo excited. Can’t wait for that day when science will make human life mush easier.


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