Secured Mobile Communication: Security World’s Mandate Today!

Jack Wilson

, Techno Hour

While fast and efficient communication forms basis of the progressive commercial world, security of communication has become a rage today. With increasing number of unlawful information hackings being exchanged through varied communication mediums, identifying ways to secured communication is a priority. Mobile communication remains the handiest means of interaction today. This makes Secured Mobile Communication the most vital aspect for high-tech security companies to employ their resources towards. Where the advanced mechanisms in the new-age smartphones has made life a lot easier and quicker, it also opens doors to a number of loopholes that can potentially risk the leaking of crucial communication between two parties. To establish a secured mobile communication medium including encrypting mobile laptop, PDA and smartphone transactions using the tools, which can help enforce the same security level, regardless of the device in question or network type, is the need of the hour for most entities.

Adaptive Security provides select, fully tried and tested solutions for secured mobile communication, particularly to law enforcement and security bodies, to enable its clients to be able to interact in peace without risking intrusion from any illegal elements. The company’s expert team specializes in the field of secured communication, pertaining to mobiles in particular. Adaptive Security has made ample efforts in developing its advanced range of in-house software that help encode and shield the information/ data being given off between two or more parties, preventing any kind of potential leakage to malicious entities.       

The company’s spokesperson commented saying, “Our secured mobile communication software is created taking into account all varied facets of the networks. Some of the primary tech features of our advanced software include Application Communication (VOIP call and messaging) based on SIP protocol having different layers of encryption and calls’ encryption by ZSRTP encryption and messages’ encryption by AES 256-bit encryption. Also, it has push notifications that are TLS supported.”

This cutting-age software starts with monitoring the entire communication thread of clients’ network to scrutinize all related elements thoroughly with specific tools. It then analyses it to look for potential loopholes in security that may be taken advantage of by intruders and need securing. Next step involves concentrating on solution matching to match its solutions precisely with the kind of issue so as to offer a full proof resolve. Final stage is implementation of shortlisted solutions and work towards filling security gaps, stabilizing networks and securing applications in use by clients to make them completely impenetrable. Once all is in place, the company ensures to track progress of its solutions to ascertain absolute protection.

The spokesperson further added, “Our employed team is fully adept in this field with immediate resolve to different security breaches attempted in different devices. Also, network access providers we hire offer complete and close monitoring with leakage control and reporting capabilities, having access to advanced tools. Its comprehensive system is what gives this software an edge over others.”


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