10 years of Xiaomi: Virtual investment summit to be held on April 24

Xiaomi, the Chinese conglomerate, has completed one decade in the business world. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the company is going to organise its first virtual investment summit on 24 April. The summit will see multiple investors coming to witness Xiaomi’s growth and its expansion in the past years. In addition, the company hopes to have a discussion with investors regarding circumstances arising after the Coronavirus outbreak.

The discussion will also cover multiple aspects of potential opportunities that help in managing the crisis. COVID-19 has emerged as a major break in the fast-moving world economy. Some of the major countries such as China, India, the US, etc. have been impacted immensely due to the global pandemic.

According to the company, April 24 is set as the date for the online Demo Day that will take place in the form of a video conference. A range of projects from a number of fields is scheduled to be introduced during the program that will cover six sessions. Technology, software, hardware, finance, and consumer goods are the major fields that might be in focus during the summit that will be held from 10:00 am on April 24. After the break, when the session resumes at 14:00 it will continue till 16:00. During these two hours, consumer goods and 2B are scheduled to be discussed. The last session that will run from 16:00 to 18:00 will see covering overseas investment sessions and high standards of technological developments.

People from investment groups can register to attend the Demo Day. All those who are interested in attending the program can scan the QR code on the Xiaomi blog to register. For the investor community, this will be an ideal opportunity to delve into the ocean of business world that is on halt, post Coronavirus outbreak.


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