Focus Frame transforms your home into a European designer abode

Modern European furniture is exclusively created using time honored craftsmanship. It has a perfect blend of tradition and modernity with European charm and sophistication.
Quality standards and workmanship are the hallmarks of Modern European furniture with special attention on every precise detail of each piece. It is crafted by skilled furniture makers who ensure that the furniture would last for many years, without losing its original beauty and elegance.Focus Frame

Following the European designs and custom made furniture from Italy and Germany, Focus Frame has established quality standards in classic interior designs with a global influence, offering everything you need for a perfect home. It has effectively infused the traditional concepts of beauty, elegance and excellence with exclusive European designs and modern state-of-the-art technologies in their luxury home furniture and interiors.
Keeping in mind the idea of a lavish lifestyle and the concept of ‘Luxury Interiors made easy’, Focus Frame is emerging as India’s finest atelier for luxury home furniture and interiors. The exclusive features of Modern European furniture which are adopted by Focus Frame like inclusion of elegant lines, different shades of glass tops and the option of storage for multiple purposes, add to its over-all charm and grace. The European contemporary furniture has a great influence of Neoclassicism and Empire style of the 18th century. Their radically diverse designs and craftsmanship make them a common attraction in many luxurious and grand hotels, commercial showrooms, tourist destinations and residential villas all over the world. Such contemporary furniture offered by Focus Frame is cherished by antique collectors and contemporary enthusiasts for their impressive intricate designs and sheer magnificence.


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