Focus Frame tips for furnishing compact apartments

Ensuring ample storage and seamless space flow are the essential factors in designing a home. Along with the desire of appealing interiors, there also arises a desire to make your house look more spacious and airy. Focus Frame has effectively infused the traditional concepts of beauty, elegance and excellence with modern state-of-the-art technologies in their luxury home furniture and interiors.

Focus Frame mentions a few factors that can make your room look bigger and better:

  • Use Multi-purpose furniture effectively: Focus Frame has a multitude of space saving furniture options including sofa beds, wall beds that double up as storage cabinets and study tables that fold up into your wardrobe. Design and function are paramount when furnishing a compact living space and multi-use furniture ensures you get the functionality without compromising on design.
    focus frame walls

    Focus Frame:Light colour walls

  • Choose light colours for your furniture and walls: It is always recommended to have your rooms painted with light, neutral colors that leave a pleasing effect. Avoid very dark and strong colors for your furniture that will overwhelm the space in a room.
  • The aesthetics: Strategic placing of mirrors in the room, using less number of pictures on the walls, avoiding excessive false ceiling designs with bulky lighting and removing extra chairs from the table are few of the hacks that will make your house appear brighter and more spacious.
  • Arrangement of Furniture: A major chunk of the space is occupied by the furniture. But by adjusting its placement, you can render a fresh more inviting look to the room. Make opening of small spaces, and place the largest piece of furniture along the wall. Avoid purchasing bulky items and furniture to make clearer floor space, organize your closets and clear all the clutter.

Focus Frame believes that these small steps can make a huge difference in ensuring ample space in a room and add to the elegance of a home.


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