Lamborghini hankers to dominate the super luxury car segment in India

Mercedes Benz, the biggest Indian German luxury car maker who is currently retaining the top position of India’s luxury car market, has been expecting a fierce competition from its Italian competitor, Lamborghini.

Expecting to nearly triple sales in India in 2019, the Italian brand has recently brought its new SUV luxury car, Urus, to the market.


Urus has definitely changed the game for us. We have always said that India has a much bigger potential for this kind of a body style because of the challenges that we face in terms of infrastructure environment of India,” Automobile Lamborghini India Head Sharad Agarwal told PTI.

Lamborghini showing confidence in its new model, which is priced at Rs 2 crore, hopes to emerge as the spearhead of super luxury car segment in India. The other models introduced by the brand (Huracan, and Aventador range) have already gained inordinate acceptance, being able to cape a sales figure of total 26 units in India.

With introducing Urus, the company is betting on its potential to lead the overall super luxury segment. The optimism could be seen in recent statement by Sharad Agarwal. “What was happening was that we used to always say that we are the leader in super sports car segment in India but with Urus coming in we have set a new parameter for our performance. We also want to lead in the super luxury segment in India. So 2019, our ambition is that we should start leading the overall super luxury segment in India with the kind of growth which is coming to us.

The other major players trying to establish their position in the Indian market are Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Ferrari.

Urus- made for Indian market

Giving the car a more pragmatic edge, it is classically built for Indian roads. The car is made to withstand traffic, and bumpy roads. Other competitor working on the same strategy, and prioritizing the new sporty characteristics in a car are Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.



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