Sony all set to bring its A game with new Chief Executive, Kenichiro Yoshida

After Kenichiro Yoshida took over as the chief executive of Sony Corporation, there has been a lot of anticipation about the company’s next moves, especially in the entertainment business. While there were discussions going on around Sony selling its midsize studio, following the footsteps of Disney’s Rupert Murdoch, the CSE trade show in Las Vegas took everyone by surprise.

The announcement made by Yoshida revealed that Sony is going to take all its entertainment divisions forward. “I want to convey the message that Sony is a creative entertainment company,” he said on phone. The company will make better use of their 80 million strong online PlayStation Network to bring Sony movies, music and shows to their consumers.

Changing the way Sony has been perceived over the years, the chief executive said that the PlayStation Network is “a very strong entertainment platform for all of Sony — very suitable for video and music content.”

Keeping the entertainment business divided in sectors under different names, Yoshida said there were no plans to consolidate the entertainment business under a single executive. Different sectors under the entertainment business have also undergone changes, with Tony Vinciquerra becoming the chief executive of Sony Pictures in June 2017. Gaming was taken over by John Kodera more than a year ago, and recording and publishing saw Rob Stringer and Jon Platt being appointed as the top executives.

Yoshida said, “We’ve now been in the music business for 50 years, the motion picture business for 30 years and the game business for over 25 years.” He added, “Entertainment is in Sony’s DNA.” He also announced Sony’s plans of launching a new line of Master Series TVs, which can display 33 million pixels on the screen at once. The 4K TVs being sold by the company can screen 8 million pixels at once.

Announcing that the electronics and entertainment giant has more in store, Yoshida said, “We partner with creators because we believe in their dreams to move people emotionally. And with its technology, Sony is there to deliver the best entertainment experiences to fans, and to fill them with emotion.”


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