No layoffs, more than 4 lakh employees promoted in Sahara India

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused some serious damage to the global economy. The crisis has led many organizations to lay off a large number of their employees, and deduct the salary of those who are still working. A fear for job security prevails, irrespective of the industrial sector.

Just like any other establishment, Sahara India Pariwar’s economic activities have also received a huge blow. However, despite the dire circumstances every organization faces today, Subrata Roy’s conglomerate has come forward to help its employees sail through the troubled waters.

The group, which employs about 44 lakh people in its various verticals, has declared that no layoff is to be made amid the Covid-19 crisis. In addition, it also announced promotions for more than 4 lakh employees working on-field and off-field.

“Based ontheir productivity, as many as 4,05,874 employeesworking on the field have been promoted by the Sahara India Pariwar. In addition to this, 4,808 employees working in the office have also been benefited through a salary hike announced on 10 June 2020,” Sahara India Pariwar stated in a recent press release.

“We believe that since the entire country is facing a healthcare and economic crisis amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the responsibility of all business establishments, big or small,that they prioritize the livelihood of every employee working for their organization,” the statement further read.

Subrata Roy’s group acknowledged the magnitude of the adversity that the entire nation faces today, as well as the responsibility of being the guardian to its employees. “It is our responsibility to not let the dependents of our employees face any difficulty. Ensuring that the interests of all employees are well taken care for will be the biggest contribution towards the society and the nationon part of all business establishments,” the group’s press release stated.

In addition to announcing the promotions, Sahara India Pariwar also revealed its plans to offer employment opportunities to the people who have moved back to their native towns/villages amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Depending upon their qualifications and skill set, these people will be deputed by the group at various local level business activities.


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