Tata AutoComp and Tellus Power Green ink MoU to set up EV charging stations

Tata AutoComp Systems has recently announced that it has joined hands with the US-based Tellus Power Green to set up electric vehicle charging stations in India. Both AC and DC chargers will be supplied for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger and commercial vehicles. Tata Group has been pushing its efforts in manufacturing ‘eco-friendly’ vehicles through its chain of manufacturing companies. Tata Power has set up over 100 EV charging stations in 20 major Indian cities and earlier in January, Tata Motors launched Nexon EV one of the four electric models that the company is planning to manufacture within the course of two years.

Now the company is further pushing its way in EV market by inking a MoU with the USA based charging infrastructure company. “As part of Tata Group initiative, the company has been planning a significant play in providing systems and components for electric vehicles as well as provide enabling systems for establishing charging infrastructure,” said Arvind Goel, Managing Director of Tata AutoComp. Through this joint venture, the two companies will now provide various AC chargers from 3kw to 11kw for home and residential complexes as well as DC fast chargers from 20kw to 300 kw for vehicles used in public places including commercial parking lots. Tata seeks to reach closer to its aim to providing fully-fledged ‘Charge to Drive’ solutions for EVs in India.

Tellus Power Green has been involved in many clean energy initiatives however with this association, the company seeks to strengthen its presence in India and promote electric mobility efficiently. It also aims to significantly contribute to the government’s Fame II initiative by teaming up with Tata AutoComp. On the other hand, the latter already has a wide portfolio of products under EV segment including motors, controllers, battery pack, battery cooling plates, etc.



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