Need of Business Advisory Council in B-schools; How Woxsen stands apart in this regard?

Megha Sahay

, Edu-Hour

The ever-increasing technological development and globalization have necessitated the introduction of academic programs that are relevant and at par with the brisk change.

Solely focusing on theoretical concepts and analytics will erode the relevance and the significance of business programs. A program which is practical driven, focusing more on experiential activity, leadership and communication is more likely to prepare a student better to work in an ambiguous business environment. To seek and explore solutions to such concerns, a Business Advisory Council can serve as an effective mechanism.

Academicians at Woxsen School of Business Hyderabad believe that one of the benchmarks for the greatness of an institution is determined by its level of connection with the industry. A platform ought to be there wherein both the institution and industry can freely exchange views and validate industry-related concepts.

A bridge between your institution and corporate world

A business advisory council can act as a mediator between your institution and the corporate world. Upon close engagement with the school leadership, they can bring effectiveness in the academic curriculum and extend your corporate network. Having a strong business advisory council can strengthen your connection with the professional and business communities, thus increasing the chances of potential donors for the school and more participation from various companies during placement drives.

Few of the Top B-schools in India like IIMU (Indian Institute of Management Udaipur) and Woxsen School of Business have brought notable expertise and brilliance (regional and global) in their Business Advisory Council Board for a better insight into the business world and to increase their corporate and geographic reach.

Woxsen School of Business

Woxsen School of Business

An experiential learning for the students

The team of skilled, committed and engaged business leaders can provide a comprehensive understanding of the competitive business environment, according to which courses can be designed. Under their guidance the students can be exposed to experiential learning opportunities.

WSB Hyderabad has some eminent business leaders in their board of members. The brilliance of the institution’s business advisory council has enabled the students to seek solutions to any industry-related questions. From professor of Harvard Business School to founders of some renowned companies, the institution has brought immense diversity and expertise within its ambit for an inclusive growth.

Maintaining an effective business council can require effort and time commitment from the faculty members and school itself, however the benefits they offer outweigh the little investments that have to be made.


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