School at the stake of life? Children go back to school

As the process of resuming schools in offline mode starts, Dr. NK Arora, in an interview  said that the schools must be reopened in a phased manner and urges parents to send their children to school.

Clarifying queries about the resuming process,  schools in offline mode will be sending children to schools, Dr NK Arora, in an interview said that the schools must be reopened in a reasonable manner.

It urges the parents to send their children to schools, adding that they need not be worried about them.

The expert, in the interview, said that parents must consider sending their children to schools and ensure that the teaching and non-teaching staff are safe and vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Send children to school if adults in the family and the staff at school are fully vaccinated,” says Dr NK Arora, Expert Panel Chief.

“Children sometimes become the vehicle of transmitting the virus, however, if a safe, virus-free environment is created, the spread of infection can be reduced,” Dr Arora added.

For the time-line to reopen schools, Dr Arora said, “From now onwards to the next four to six months, school should be opened in a phased manner, and we should not be worried about general immunisation of children.”

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya today said more than 2crore additional COVID vaccines are being made accessible to states this month, and they have been asked to vaccinate all school teachers on priority before September, 5th, Teachers’ Day.

The expert in the interview also said that the priority must be to reopen primary schools, adding that the state governments must decide on the SOPs to resume classes in offline mode.


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