Several prominent fashion experts call for #HandloomsEveryday

7th August, is celebrated as National Handloom Day. This year, several leading fashion experts expressed their views on celebrating handloom every day rather than one specific day. 7th August is observed as National Handloom Day, the day which sparked anti-colonial Swadeshi movement, a movement started to promote indigenous fabrics.

In a discussion organized by Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Ministry of Textiles held at Crafts Museum, Padma Shri recipient and fashion icon, Ritu Kumar stated that what differentiates us from others in the world of fashion is our rich heritage of handloom. She also added that “we can’t wish away 16 million handloom weavers or their skills” and as the weavers struggle to earn their daily bread and butter, the sector needs solid funding.

Renowned designer and part of fashion brand Abraham & Thakore, David Abraham stated that “Textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Every garment factory is getting larger and more mechanised. The handloom weaver has the smallest environmental footprint. Speaking of fashion, handicrafts is the greatest form of luxury because it’s handmade and has limited pieces.”

Master printer in the Dabu and Bangru prints of Rajasthan and Padma Shri recipient – Ram Kishore Chippa Darewala spoke about how reduction of taxes on handlooms is a must as their production is already expensive.

Several prominent designers shared their views on how we need to relook on our handloom culture.

The discussion ended with the launch of a hashtag #HandloomsEveryday. This was aimed to encourage people to buy more and more handlooms products on a daily basis. FDCI also conducted exhibitions in several cities across the states at the craft museum.




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