Mother Dairy milk production to surges by huge numbers

Vishal Tyagi

, Bon Appétit

A major surge has been witnessed in the Milk procured in the regions like Vidarbha and Marathwada after Mother Dairy Milk manufacturer acquired the state-run Milk Scheme plant at Seminary Hills in 2016. It has reportedly increased by six times.

Currently, the procurement by Mother Dairy is said to be around 1.96 lakh litres per day. Covering more than 1500 villages, its unit handles 1.20 lakh litres a day. Along with more than 900 collection points, mother dairy milk is also supplied by over 26,000 farmers.

As per the Government authorities, the milk scheme was not preferred by the farmers due to its ambiguous and time-consuming payment system.

In the earlier process, the payments were made through milk cooperatives, who further directed them to the district central cooperative banks. With this lengthy process in place, there were many instances of long delays in the payments.

As per a source, “There was a manual system of recording fat level in milk which determined the rates. This also had a chance of altering the details and often farmers were left complaining of not getting the right price.”

“The old system has been replaced with an online mechanism and direct payment to the farmers’ accounts. The funds are remitted every 10 days,” he added.

The farmers have reportedly received a total sum of Rs 162 crore till date.

Around 25,000 litres of mother dairy milk is sold in Nagpur and nearby areas by the company. According to a recent survey, Mother Dairy purchased around 5,000 new cattle heads after it started its operations. It mainly included highly productive and yielding cows and buffaloes.

With the increase in the number of cattle heads, Mother Dairy’s milk production is likely to increase by 50,000 litres per day.

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