Alpana Bhartia: The Voice of Indian Animal Welfare

Megha Sahay

, NGO Hour

In a world of people focused on their work-life balance, the balance of nature has been ignored. Animals and green patches have been constantly harmed under the veil of development. In such a scenario, the involvement of multiple NGO’s and welfare organizations has been pivotal in regulating the situation. Alpana Bhartia, an animal rights activist based in Bangalore, has attended to the woes of animals, and substantially contributed towards their survival.

She is the honorary trustee of ‘People for Animal’ (PfA) Banglaore. It is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1996 by four women: Alpana Bhartia, Arushi Poddar, Namrata Dugar and Gauri Maini Hira. PfA Bangalore aims at creating awareness about wildlife scenarios, along with veterinary care for injured wild animals.

Alpana Bhartia has been involved in animal welfare since 20 years and she strongly believes that innocent creatures do not deserve to be displaced or killed for the welfare of humanity. Through PfA, she has rescued over 23,000 animals and provided them with adequate medical care.

PfA has dedicated rescue teams with appropriate training, which are capable of handling every type of situation including climate change, accidents, injury due to humans, etc. The organization is also involved in an animal birth control program. Bhartia has strongly imbibed her vision of advanced medical techniques in PfA and successfully helped animals of every breed.

As an individual, she has been the voice of animal welfare through newspaper articles and taught environmental education to the senior classes of St. Joseph Boys High School. Alpana Bhartia is associated with the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NMS) as a member of the Institutional Ethics Committee. Furthermore, she was nominated on the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) by the Government of India.

Urbanization has expanded exponentially in Bangalore. Residential and commercial real estate have occupied more than half of the city’s land. The organization has tried to maintain the scales of ecological balance bent towards the negative side and under the leadership of Alpana Bhartia, PfA has stood socio-legally against wildlife malpractices like caging, hunting, legislations, court cases, etc.

It is because of the consistent efforts of founders and employees that People for Animals is the largest animal group of India with 15 units, 26 hospitals and around 2.5 lakh members. With the vision and mission of this organization, Bangalore’s nature can breathe a sigh of relief.


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