Orris Infrastructure offering exciting deals at HDFC Realty’s property road show in Patna

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If you live in Patna and are looking for investment options in Delhi-NCR, then you must not miss this property road show. Organized by HDFC Realty, the road show attempts to bring the best of the properties of Delhi-NCR to your doorstep in Patna, with USP of the road show being exciting discounts and options offered by all reputed real estate developers including Orris Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. , often ranked as the top real estate developer group in Gurgaon.

The realty market in Delhi-NCR is on a skyward journey. Many policies framed by the government and reliefs provided by the Reserve Bank of India have given the much needed fillip to the realty sector and this trend is going to expedite from here onwards, making Delhi-NCR a favorable destination for investing.  Orris Infrastructure is offering a myriad of benefits to the customers through this property road show. This is a great opportunity for the people of Patna who intend to purchase a property in Delhi-NCR. All in all, this is a golden opportunity that people shouldn’t miss.


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  • Prerna Jain 03 / 08 / 2015 Reply

    Orris builders are doing a really great job, otherwise who cares about these social activities and welfare of people. Everybody runs after money and cares for it only.Thanks to such builders we can expect the development not only of the society, but also of the country.


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