ACSG Corp Launches Progressive Instant Visualization Analysis Software!

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IVA software launched by ACSG Corp offers inter-database mapping and accordingly displaying relevant results in graphical representation form to help predicting problems or failures.

With the mounting different types of communication mediums, there is plenty of information out there for almost every professional entity, which needs systematic management for business operations to function smoothly. This basically comes down to skillfully managing databases and for adequate coordination attainment amongst two or more databases. This is exactly the kind of solution that ACSG Corp endeavor to accomplish by its software for Instant Visualization Analysis. The cutting-edge IVA software we have developed chiefly offers inter-database mapping and accordingly displaying relevant results in graphical representation form like pie chart, infographics, table etc. Similar business intelligence for effectively handling the ample amount of data is what’s needed by all organizations in this technology driven era. This assists in providing apt solutions in a concise & precise format.

Commenting on the viability of our IVA software, Pankaj Kumar, President, ACSG Corp, was quoted as saying, “USP of our IVA software lies in its interactive based interface, which is highly beneficial for the user in order to be able to perform analytics on his own, as per specific requirements domain wise. Our software employs latest mechanisms to provide effectively sorted results in the summary form to give a brief analysis of entire database.

This software makes things way simpler for the user to facilitate for matching requirement of syncing databases through a comprehensive visual based software. This eliminates any need for developing other elaborate apparatus for database analysis as well as corresponding representation for different companies. This is likely to prove to be immensely beneficial for segregating all existing information and for looking through the data in relatively much lesser time.   

There have been cases in the recent past wherein this newly launched software by ACSG Corp has been effective in successfully predicting failure before it happened. The company collaborated for an elementary project with one of the leading manufacturing companies in the country to systematize its vast data pool. The software analyzed the accumulative data sharply, using advanced mechanisms and was able to predict a key impending machinery failure by foretelling the precise time and particular point of error and thereby, help save on considerable money & labor. This software is involved constantly in performance monitoring alongside predicting any major blocks coming in. Similarly, the IVA software holds a strong ground for all companies’ HR department by drawing patterns through data analysis from past episodes. It then allows to take appropriate measures to curb situations like sudden mass-resignations at certain time.

Kumar added, “Our endeavor is to reach a point in instant visualization data analysis, wherein predicting problems or failure in advance with absolute precision becomes the new norm for all companies in the commercial world. We at ACSG Corp look forward to numerous more fruitful applications of the software and establishing corresponding upgrades in the future.

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