Goodness score, an algorithm by Goodspace proving to improve hiring efficacy

Ritika Pathak

, Techno Hour

The average time a recruiter looks at your resume is 6 seconds. In those 6 seconds, they look at your education, experience, skills, and achievements. They might not even read all the things mentioned in your resume if they don’t find it relevant.

On the other hand, if you too had to look at thousands of applications and shortlist only a few, even you would get tired. A recruiter has to carefully scout candidates and pick the best fit for the roles. Due to this, they spend hours on applications and hiring sites. 

With changing times, the technologies should also change. Gone are those days of having piles of resumes to shortlist from. It is imperative to improve the hiring systems and solve the current underlying problems. With an ample number of hiring sites, there are even greater numbers of candidates. Most of these apply to jobs without even being serious about it and later end up ignoring the recruitment process.

Not only this, a resume can only give details about a person’s education but it does not vouch for a person’s behavioral skills. Non-cognitive skills are equally important as technical skills. The candidate should be able to fit in the company values. Thus, the loopholes in this process are harmful to both – the recruiter and the applicants. 

Studying these problems in detail, Goodspace came out as a solution for these problems. That solution is – the goodness score algorithm. 

Once a person logins on Goodspace, they are asked to create their profile, fill in the details, give feedback to people and also receive feedback in return. This feedback is accepted in the form of seven parameters – Team Work, Friendliness, Helpfulness, Honesty, Reliability, Truthfulness & Kindness. The feedback is what builds the score and is called the goodness score. 

The goodspace score is a revolutionary algorithm that solves manifold problems in just a few steps. The score is shown on the candidate’s profile along with their top three strengths. Since it is a community-driven score and is given up to a number of people, it acts as a verification of their profile. By looking at the score, the recruiter can find the authentic candidates and 

When the genuine candidates are already shortlisted, this saves the hirers time as processes of verification and selection are skipped. They can directly talk to the candidates. The best part about GoodSpace App – it allows two-way communication.

A candidate can apply for a job on the other hand the recruiter can also request candidates to consider offers thus streamlining the communication from both ends.

Goodness score optimizes the hiring process and reduces the procedure duration from 30-45 days to only a few days. 

Join hundreds of hirers hiring from Goodspace and be a part of this recruiting transformation! 


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