Nintendo exploring 5G, cloud sharing and Virtual reality

At Nintendo’s recent 79th annual shareholder meeting in Japan, representatives from the company revealed that they were investigating advancing technology trends like 5G, cloud sharing and Virtual reality. However they were very certain that they wouldn’t simply “chase trends” in technology.

Companies like Sony and Microsoft are rumored to invest and put a lot of focus on streaming and with Google entering the market with its own Stadia later this year, questions were raised about Nintendo’s approach in streaming arena.

Answer to this question has now been given by Shigeru Miyamoto, producer of the video game company Nintendo. He mentioned that Nintendo has been working on new technologies like 5G, VR from the very beginning and assured that they are trying to arrive at better solutions with detailed experimentation of these technologies.

According to Miyamoto,  “cloud streaming has the potential to become more widespread in the future” however he is positive that there will be games that are fun because they are running locally and not on the cloud.

Nintendo director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota focused directly on 5G, also known as future of technology. He said that we are also aware of the capabilities of 5G technology as it can transfer large amount of data in quick time. However, he was soon to add that we don’t “only chase trends in technology.”

As per Shiota, “Instead of pushing forward for advancing technologies, Nintendo would like to contemplate how the particular technology can be utilized for the better gaming experience for the consumers in future.”

Not just that, cost will play a big part in consideration of 5G technology. According to Shiota, “It’s important for us to also keep the price in check and thus we would like to thoroughly investigate the cost of these upcoming technologies.”

5G technology has been launched very recently and other technologies such as VR are still being worked upon. Given the recent hiccups in 5G, Nintendo has the time and resources to experiment in this field.


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