Three startups which are making the human collaboration with technology better

Active collaborations between humans and technology are giving extraordinary and unusual results. The idea of co-existence of human workforce with the automation technologies is the need of today and the future businesses. Below is the list of three startups that are giving a boost to this idea of collaboration.

  1. STAQU

The Gurugram based AI startup is empowering the Indian police forces with AI assistance at ground zero. Staqu launched AI-enabled app that helps the police in digitalising the crime and records of the missing people. While also helping the cops in retrieving the information in real-time while patrolling and at checkpoints.

Staqu has also introduced Artificial Intelligence software for Smart Glasses. It is made to help the force during events such as political rallies, processions, conferences, etc. The technology will help the police in ensuring optimum security at such events. The solutions by Staqu are currently in use at Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.

  1. HAPTIK  

Haptik is seen as the largest conversational AI platform in India. With over 100 chatbots designed and deployed, and managing over 1.2 million messages daily, Haptik has observed excellent co-ordination between chatbots and human agents. Based on a unique model, the startup has utilised the human agents in training chatbots and enhancing their capabilities to handle the queries better.

Instead of job losses, the humans have become an integral part of the chatbots building. There are over 100 human agents who are responsible for building bots, their training, QA and a lot more. The company is now working towards helping employees who face costumers in decoding the complex emotions of the humans using Tensor Flow, machine learning library and the existing data of the chatbots with the millions of end-users.

  1. TRELL

Trell is successfully bringing the content creators and useful content seeking users closer. Commonly referred to as the Video Pinterest of India, it is a platform for the tech-driven community, which helps them in finding relevant video-based meaningful content in several Indian languages.

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The platform also simplifies the video blogging for the content creators. With over 1 million active users on the mobile app, these content creators can engage these users successfully. The app has created over 1.6 million of meaningful and original content, and it also attracts the brands to explore new opportunities for online commerce.

With the increasing trust in the content creators, TRELL integrates suitable brands and services subtly in the background without disturbing the user experience.


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