Prometric is bringing in a favorable change in the Indian Education System

Mohit Upadhyay

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India’s education system has been riddled with vague and old school theories. Increasing gaps in the quality of government and private institutes has made it difficult for students who want to make a mark in their courses.

To beat these education blues, there is a dire need for an upright education system that has a knowledge-based perspective.

A major problem observed in the education system is the way examinations are being conducted in India. The examination module of pen and paper is quite prone to cheating. Very often involved in the unfair means during examinations, children hardly focus on the learning aspect of education. However, international companies like Prometric are making the situation better with computerized testing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a means which is being used increasingly across the world to mark exam papers. Such digital exams are taking the human marker out of the process. Not just the simple multiple choice scanning, but AI is potent enough to judge essays.

The computerized system of education is programmed to scan the papers, identify the possible right responses and compile the marks. AI for exams stands out, as it is a platform that can mark complex, open-ended questions designed to test the understanding of the students.

New technologies are coming up that can focus on the key words in the test answers and run them against a model answer. Prometric employs a high standard of technology that strictly ensures that the exams are conducted securely.

Computerized examinations are also coming up with new tools which will make it harder for students to swindle their way into good grades. Moreover, these intelligent software applications can check the sentences for plagiarism.

In this wake of revolution, Prometric has introduced such technologies for conducting exams and the marking process in India. A globally-recognized leader in high-stakes test development and delivery, the company is replacing the traditional methods of examination with computerized exams.

The Indian education system requires a change, and such international companies are ushering in a change in the way Indians conduct the exams. Prometric Testing conducts more than 7 million tests a year on behalf of approximately 400 clients in more than 180 countries. Their methods are advanced and secure.

These companies are leading the traditional education system of India towards a technological transformation. Several educating institutions have started to embrace the convenience and security that these edu-tech firms are offering. Moreover, the Indian education system is reforming with the existence of the companies like Prometric, which augurs well for the future of India.


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