How digitalization is changing the education system

Mohit Upadhyay

, Blog Hour

Prometric TestingTechnological advancement has facilitated smooth functioning in various sectors. In late years of the 20th Century, technology started dominating the world. It was a revolution, which gradually started to eliminate the manpower requirement considerably by taking over major sectors of the society.

Education sectors have also been under the impact of technology since many years. Initially, it transformed the testing methods, where companies like Prometric, an American Test Development Company, which launched the first online exam for CAT, have been playing a major role. .

Founded in 1990, Prometric has been administrating a number of examinations in National Eligibility and Entrance Tests (Neet), CAT, MBA entrance test, Medical Exam and others. In fact, it was the first company to start online methods of testing in India.

Online testing became convenient and reliable for both teachers and students. Along with academics, the recruitment exams also began to be conducted online, bringing greater advantage to businesses and students.

As online testing procedures are becoming common, various public schools have started incorporating digitalized methods of teaching for students. It has helped in delivering lessons through interactive presentations in classrooms. The use of tabs or laptops allows children to complete the tasks quickly. Also, eBooks and online study materials have made the learning process efficient to a great extent.

With the companies like Prometric, Indian education system has been constantly evolving. Schools have incorporated the concept of digital education. Experts say that this is an efficient method, positively shaping the minds of students. Technology in education has been assisting students to learn at their own pace.

Though the education system has been digitalized, various schools are integrating the online methods of testing for the students at the initial levels of schooling. They look forward   to enhance the current education system with digitalization.

Experts at Prometric believe that facilitating digital learning from the base levels is the best that education systems can do for students. Online exams provide a flexibility to both instructors and students. It is crucial to conduct it at regular intervals to keep a tab on their progress and assist them in the areas they lack.

The result analysis under online testing system has been quick and accurate. Institutes who choose the digitalized methods of teaching are making smart decisions of saving time and improving the learning process.


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