Prometric and NBE mutually part ways

Mohit Upadhyay

, News

The computer-based testing company, Prometric, had to reconsider the decision of its association with NBE on the students’ demand that the NEET exam should take place in one day. After taking into consideration, the interest of both parties, Prometric and NBE mutually decided to terminate the contract and part ways before the contract due time.

Because of the change in the day-based system and student upheaval, this was probably the better option at this point of time. It is believed that this decision will not do any harm to the strong presence of Prometric in India. Earlier, the media created a hype accusing that the software of the computer-based testing company was hacked by during the NEET exam. It also alleged that the decision of the testing company to part ways with NBE was the result of hacking accusations.

However, Prometric rubbished the claims saying that the decision was solely taken after considering the interest of both parties including NBE. The company further stated that neither its software was hacked nor will it accept any false claims pertaining to hacking.  Its cyber security experts said that the news has been incorrect and inappropriate. Moreover, they have provided full support to the authorities to complete the investigation and believes that its systems are fully secure.

There has been a huge uproar against the NEET exam throughout the country. Some students want a change in the timings, while others are not in favor of even conducting the exam. The tension surrounding NEET has resulted in Prometric and NBE terminating their contract after considering interests of both the parties at this juncture.


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