Missing out on classes much? Beat the coronavirus blues with learning app Toppscholars

Ritika Pathak

, Blog Hour

The pandemic outbreak has led to shutting down of many schools and colleges but learning apps like Toppscholars are helping students to continue learning

The world has been in frenzy ever since the outbreak of novel coronavirus. As the number of confirmed illnesses continues to shoot up with each passing day across several nations, everyone has been doing their best to remain safe.

Among the many things that the pandemic outbreak has led to is the closure of schools and colleges in both India and abroad. However, fortunately, in an internet-driven world, where learning is concerned, there is no stopping anyone. “Students can always resort to the internet and learn through appealing and innovative video lectures that are as effective as classroom learning,” an academician at Toppscholars said.

In China, the country where the virus originated, e-learning apps like DingTalk are coming in handy for young learners. Students can get access to video lectures sent by their teachers and even read school notices and do assignments from these apps.

With several schools temporarily closed, as a parent, it can be nerve-racking thinking about how your child’s education is getting compromised. However, when it comes to the online learning industry, India is also on an equal footing with other nations. Owing to the leading players in the ed-tech space, several e-learning apps have been developed so you need not get concerned about your child’s academic performance especially at times like today.

One such learning platform is Khan Academy that offers video lectures, practice tests and a personalised learning dashboard to enable students to learn anytime and anywhere. Whether it is maths, science or history, the app covers the basic as well as complex concepts by harnessing technology.

In addition to this app, Toppscholars, a smart learning app, has also been going an extra mile to provide a personalised learning environment to the students along with unlimited access for 30 days for everyone. The app predominantly caters to board students however, it offers study materials to other students as well in the form of video lectures and digital notes.

In the midst of the virus outbreak and the fear of getting infected, for students, there is an added issue as to how they will be able to complete their syllabus. Thankfully, learning apps like these, when used the right way, can enable them to study at the comfort of their homes all the while making up for the missed classes.




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