Top Reasons why e-learning is gaining immense popularity among students

Sanjay Verma

, Blog Hour

The challenges faced by the traditional brick and mortar institutions include high tuition fee, limited seats, and limited access. The problems are graver in developing countries due to the broken education system, outdated syllabus and lack of skilled manpower. This has compelled students to seek better alternatives.

Millions of students have resorted to online programmes and courses because of which e-learning has gained immense popularity in recent years. Technology has certainly led to advancement in the education system.

In India, e-learning at the college level is nothing unheard of with the prevalence of distance education and the emergence of ed-tech companies. However, recent years have seen the arrival of online learning systems for school students as well. Ed-tech start-ups like Edukart and Toppscholars are coming up with ways to make learning easier and more interesting for school students.

It’s an innate nature of humans to be captivated by different things and the e-learning platforms provide that. The display, animated notes, online mock tests, and several other features keep the students more attended to studies. Listed below are some of the other advantages offered by these platforms:

Learning at one’s own pace – One of the major challenges students face in an institutionalized education system is the need to pace along with the educator and the rest of the students. Because every student has his/her own style and speed of learning, e-learning provides them the liberty to learn at their own pace without having to coordinate with classmates.

Easier communication with teachers – While classrooms offer the students an advantage of face to face interactions, the shortcoming of this form of learning is that some students can dominate while many others can’t get a word. Moreover, lectures are limited and class strengths are relatively high which result in many students’ queries left unanswered. E-learning has made student-teacher communication easier and more convenient. Smart learning apps like Toppscholars provide users with immediate experts’ assistance in case of any doubts.

Flexibility – With no regular attendance system like in traditional classrooms, online learning gives more students the opportunity to study. It lets people learn from any corner of the world while pursuing their dreams simultaneously.

Affordability – Many students, despite attending regular classes, opt for private tuitions for a clearer understanding of the subject and hope to score more in exams. However, not everyone is blessed with economical means to afford private tutors. One of the most remarkable features of e-learning is the abundance of study material and learning means it offers at an extremely reasonable price. The E-learning app Toppscholars provides the students with all the means and resources for exam preparations and an in-depth understanding of every text, thus saving the cost for coaching.

The wide set of benefits e-learning offers has made it a preferred mode of learning as compared to traditional classroom learning.



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