Get your head around Maths with e-learning apps, a holistic solution for your learning challenges!

Megha Sahay

, Blog Hour

Maths is one of the subjects which is commonly dreaded by students in schools. To some, the subject may sound very interesting whereas, for others, it is no less than a nightmare.

Maths in itself is a very challenging subject requiring a lot of understanding and more importantly, practice. However, many a time, we tend to give up, unable to hold our patience, which in fact is a pre-requisite to grasp any mathematical concept. The function of sinθ and cosθ or the different Algebraic formulas make us fret, each time we hear someone say ‘Solve the equation’.

In the past, the ultimate solution to tackle the common challenges of this subject were either the teachers, coaching, guidebooks or peer groups. However, education experts at Toppscholars, a smart learning app remarked that the advancement in technology and emergence of online learning apps in the education realm has helped students deal with this subject easily.

Here, the questions arise —

how do e-learning apps benefit students in understanding any subject more conveniently, especially maths? What do they provide which the traditional schools can’t?

For one, these apps offer unlimited access to the available study materials, video lectures and notes. E-learning apps for maths like Toppscholars consist of engaging videos with digitised notes, which one can go through anywhere and anytime. In traditional schools, learning is more teacher-oriented with the students needing to be on par with the teacher’s teaching speed. However, not all students are gifted with a sharp intellect and can learn at an equal pace with that of their classmates.This is where e-learning apps come into the picture.

With features like ‘teachers connect’, these educational apps ensure that students get to seek help from experts in case of doubts whenever they want, unlike in schools where students can raise any question only as long as the teachers are available. In case of their absence, the students are left with no choice but to continue remain in doubt. With the use of these apps, this major roadblock can be removed.

The E-learning apps for maths have proved to be a boon for the economically weaker students as well. Given their reasonable subscription price in addition to the exhaustive and effective content, students are no more required to attend coaching and buy expensive mathematics’ guidebooks. Owing to the smart learning apps, dealing with challenging subjects like Maths has certainly become much more convenient.


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