The silver lining amidst Covid-19 lockdown: Nature breathes again

While we are taking every possible step to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak, you’ll be surprised to know that this pandemic is affecting our environment in ways that will startle you.

Wuhan, the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak, is also a major industrial hub. When things were normal, Wuhan had a hazardous air-pollution level, which has now surprisingly come down by 21.5 per cent according to data revealed by China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

In many countries, the level of pollution has significantly reduced but what happens once the lockdown is over?

We will all have to do our bits in order to minimize our contribution towards pollution. Over the years, many companies have started working for the minimization of hazardous substances and products that damage the environment. One of the leading manufacturers of non-woven bags, Zedpack, suggests that waste management is just as important as everything else when it comes to protecting nature. Therefore, by using alternatives of products made of plastic and paper, we will definitely contribute to maintaining the balance in the environment.

While papers originate from trees, plastic is impacting the wildlife and oceans. The manufacturers at Zedpack also believe that the time that everyone is spending under lockdown, it gives people the opportunity to acknowledge some of the changes that must be done in order to keep the environment healthy, not only in terms of air but also waste management.

 What will happen once the lockdown is over?

Many other regions are also observing significant environmental benefits as a consequence of the Coronavirus outbreak.

While this situation is proving to be good for the environment, some environmental experts are also worried that these numbers could rapidly spike up once things restore to normal. In times like these, ZEDPACK manufacturers suggest that if organizations begin taking rapid decisions for the environment, they can bring about a positive change.

How can we impact our environment positively as organisations?

As organizations, we play a huge role in sending messages to the people. Therefore, opting for sustainable options like non-woven shopping bags or non-woven gift bags instead of paper or plastic bags can make a great difference. Zedpack, as an organization, is contributing in protecting the environment, there are many other companies from different sectors that can adopt significant methods and resources to positively impact environment.

Summing Up

Even such a tiny silver lining can hardly make up for the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. But these preliminary numbers demonstrate that this global health disaster is an opportunity to assess that which aspects of modern life are absolutely necessary, and what positive changes might be possible if we change our habits on a global scale.




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