Dalmia Group coming up with “DHL Preventive capsule” to fight pandemic COVID-19

The Dalmia Group would be launching a Herbal Composition “DHL CoronaVirus Preventive Capsule” to fight the pandemic COVID-19. The medicine will be made available across all the pharmacies in Delhi NCR on 16th March 2020. The composition, which is priced at Rs 480 for 60 capsules, would also be available all over India through the online retail platform, “dalmiabestprice.in”.

Mr Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman, Dalmia Group of Companies, said, DHL Coronovirus Preventive capsule would work effectively on the immune system to further boost it. This polyherbal combination has anti-inflammatory effect which reduces any inflammation and congestion inside the lungs.

No side-effects, confirms study

This medicine has been developed after years of extensive research by the Dalmia Centre for Research and Development (DCRD). It is made up of 15 herbs called Astha-15, which are also mentioned in the Indian System of Medicine. The medicine has undergone a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study on patients, speciality Govt. Hospital for Thoracic medicine, Chennai, India.

As per the double-blind study using DCBT4567- dhl CoronaVirus, the patients tested had a significant reduction (95% significance) in dyspnoea, wheezing cough, disability and sleep disturbances. On a positive note, Astha-15 didn’t show any side-effects, which is a huge advantage for an allopathic drug.

COVID-19, which has affected about 87,000 people across the world, shows symptoms such as a running nose, cough, fever and body pain. The breathlessness caused by the virus is also due to the loss of the lining of the alveolar cells.

Due to the prominence of multiple active compounds, herbal medicine-derived natural products can be considered as an alternative therapeutic potential for respiratory diseases.

The presence of herbal compounds in Astha-15 would prevent the development of all the inflammatory processes triggered by an allergen, cigarette smoke, virus, or bacteria. Furthermore, it would reduce inflammatory cytokines release and oxidative stress.

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