Prime Minister Modi announces 21 days pan India lockdown, here’s all you need to know

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an absolute pan-India lockdown for 21 days. While appearing before the people on the television at 8pm, the Prime Minister said, Every state, every district, every lane, every village will be under lockdown, taking effect at 12:01am, 25th March. This turned out to the most severe step taken by any government across the world in the war against the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the number of reported coronavirus infection cases remains around 500, the concern is if the virus hits as it did in Italy, China or the US, it could prove to be a catastrophe. Even after the state governments announced the lockdown and imposed curfew, short before the Prime Minister addressed the nation, the people were seen jostling out with each other in the crowds, showing carelessness in maintaining strict social distancing in several parts of India.

Alerting the people about the deadly virus, the Prime Minister said there’s no other choice. He stated, If you cant handle these 21 days, this country and your family will go back 21 years”.The only option is social distancing, to remain away from each other. There is no way out to escape from coronavirus besides this,” the Prime Minister added. He also ensured the people that the supply of essential services will be maintained.

India is capable of handling any adverse situation. People in India tend to come together and co-operate in emergency situation. We have proved in past by eliminating smallpox and blunting some of the most powerful cyclones amongst other disasters. If we comply with the strict measures and advisories issues by the authorities, we can easily defeat the deadly virus in no time.

This announcement had nothing to worry about. Short after PM Modi’s address, the Ministry of Home Affairs in a statement said that essential services such as food shops, banks and gas stations amongst others would be exempted from the lockdown.

Your every action has the power to save the nation. During the lockdown, stock the essentials only in the quantities that you purchase in the normal times, refrain from unnecessarily hoarding of the commodities. You must follow the advisories and strict instructions issued by the government. This is the right time where you can prove yourself to be a true patriot.


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