Indian brand globally marking its presence: Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited

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Pharmaceutical industry is such sector where quality of the product should not be compromised at all. A slight act of irresponsibility may lead to fatal consequences. And that will come out to be a turning point for many, including the company and client base of the same.

In this chaos of original and fake, end customer has to face a lot of problems. That is why we bring you the insight of trustworthy resources which you can rely upon. Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited (Plethico) is one of those pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, which are catering the needs of masses with total care and responsibility.

Plethico Pharmaceutical is into manufacturing, marketing and distributing pharmaceutical and related healthcare products. It has three segments to focus its whole attention towards; which are:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Confectionary
  • OTC

These Sports Nutrition, confectionary and OTC segments includes product ranges of Nutraceutical products, herbal products and allopathic products. These product ranges include the following products and items:

  • Nutraceuticals: Dietary supplement and Functional foods
  • Herbals: Finished Herbal Formulations
  • Allopathic: finished formulations and API trading

Plethico has its Head Quarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra- India.  The company is also marking its presence all over the world by conducting its operation functions in countries like Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, UK and US. Travisil, Therasil, Coach’s Formula, Mountain Herbz, Natrol, MRI and Prolab are those brand names, under which Plethico markets its products.


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