New Era of Indian Industrial Revolution with COE and Industry 4.0

Ritika Pathak

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For a long time now, there has been a visible and vital digital lag within Indian industrial functions, which has led to a major setback. It is this lag that has been constantly holding back progress levels for the country’s industrial segment.Though, India has witnessed a wave of technological upgradation over the past couple of decades, tangible evolvement has been relatively marginal, especially when observed from a global perspective. The time has now come to take a leap in bringing a paradigm shift in the prevailing scenario.

With the establishment and broad acceptance of Industry 4.0, India has initiated a brand new era of advanced Industrial revolution that is being bolstered by COE. While the introduction of Industry 4.0 is in itself a big support to rising digital industrial technology across the country today, there are numerous challenges in the way of implementation of actual transformatory, digitally adept solutions. Where Industry 4.0 promises to enable data collection and analysis across machines a lot faster, simpler and more efficient, it also thrusts top tech security entities to necessarily innovate cutting-edge tools and solutions for successful implementation of latest tech upgradations.

Leading tech enterprises are collaborating with Govt. bodies to introduce fresh mechanisms and build competent institutions, dedicated to promoting digital transformation of industries in manufacturing and beyond. ACSG Corp, prominent India-based Critical Infrastructure Security firm, has come forward to further uphold Industry 4.0 in collaboration with National Productivity Council (NPC) through setting up Centre of Excellence for Industries in India. COE comes to aid of industrial bodies to master challenges posed by Industry 4.0 applications. It has specifically devised training courses with specialist knowledge and expertise for the cause and helps build skillset of manufacturing SME’s and startups.

As Industry 4.0 is characterized by increasing digitization and interconnection of products, value chains & business models and is driven by an amalgamation of emerging technologies like data volumes, computational power, Internet of Things (IoT) etc., COE understands its criticality in entirety and contributes significantly to its success.

Additionally, setting up of a competitive Centre of Excellence (COE) for Industries in India is a significant step in getting closer to the growth model practiced by first world countries like Germany, France and Japan. While they are practically far ahead, we have covered a monumental distance and efforts such as COE can substantially assist us in getting at par status within global economy through a well-planned industrial jump, taking futuristic technologies forward.

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