Vikram Singh Puar promotes the digital government schools in India

Sunny Singh

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Dewas KingIndia is a country, where most government schools are in a deplorable state. Vikram Singh Puar, a popular leader in Dewas, is supporting government schools that have made the digital jump. He has come forward to work for the improvement of the poor conditions of government-run schools, and ensure quality educational facilities in his birthplace.

The Indian education sector has grown in the recent few years in the urban and semi-urban areas. Yet, a majority of rural India is still deprived of primary education. Moreover, the schools in these areas are few and not easily accessible.

Imparting quality education to children in rural areas faces a hurdle of poverty. Therefore, parents largely depend on government schools as education in these schools is affordable. However, these schools are few and poorly equipped.

Many Indian states have been incorporating better and economical models of education in these under-serviced areas. Recently, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has built India’s first digital government school in Madhya Pradesh. The son of late Dewas king, Vikram Singh Puar II felt took pride in the initiative and stood in support of it.

The NGO renovated a normal government school into a digital school, where education will be imparted through e-content based technology ‘Educomp’. Digital schools eliminate the use of traditional books as the subjects taught entirely in a digital manner.

With an availability of subjects in various languages, two computers in each class and a projector in one room has been installed. With a strength of 109 students, from 8th to 10th standard, each class is allotted two hours to learn on the projector. To track the progress of students and monitor their attendance, specific apps have been installed. Besides, the daily lessons by the teachers will also be tracked on the apps.

 “Education is the runway to freedom”, Vikram Singh is not just promoting quality education in Dewas, but is also working towards creating education opportunities for girls. He has been taking various initiatives and has been instructing the parents to give access of education to the daughters.

Promoting the digital government schools, Vikram Singh Puar has been improving the infrastructure of the schools in Dewas. The well-known social worker and his team has been taking care of the basic amenities in schools.


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