Now you can check battery health of your iPhone with new update

Apple Incl on wednesday said now an update to its iOSoperating system will show the iPhone battery health check and recommend whether the battery needs to be replaced. It will also let users turn off a controversial piece of software that slows the phone’s performance in some situations when the battery is flagging.

After a 2016 software update, iPhones user experienced a slow phone functionality with weak batteries. Apple apolozised and lowered the price of the bettery replacement in its stores from $79 to $29for affected phones in December 2017.

Apple has always banned iPhone battery health check apps from the App Store for security reasons. Critics say Apple has obscured the fact that with the upadate the phone’s performance has degraded and the lack of transparency has pushed the customers to buy new phone instead of buying new battery.

“The battery wears out,” said Kyle Wiens, chief executive of iFixit, a publisher of repair guides for iPhones and sells replacement parts. “They have been pretending like the battery doesn’t wear out. They’ve made billions of dollars on that pretense.” The company’s lack of transparency on iPhone batter health check that has pushed people to buy a new phone rather than a new battery, these people say.

According to documents from the app review process, Reuters, Apple rejected his app because it provides “potentially inaccurate diagnostic functionality” that could “mislead or confuse your users,”.  On this Apple explains that “there is no publicly available infrastructure to support iOS diagnostic analysis,” according to the documents.



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