Aliens Group reviews Telangana, a new focus centre for the west

Aliens Group, one of South India’s largest townships, sees Telangana as new living quarters for Apple, Amazon and other top –notch western companies. Within the radius of 10km, these companies are going to have tAliens group newshourheir ancillary domicile beyond USA at Hyderabad.

No wonder why Hyderabad is the point of convergence, due to its intrinsic leverages respecting geniuses, geographical location, industrial or proactive policies, Hyderabad is a lucrative option for flowing investments close to 4 billion, with an estimated employment opportunity for 25,000 people and 1.25 lakh indirectly. According to K T Rama Rao, Minister for IT of the Government of Telangana, “Hyderabad is the biggest bang for the buck for all those investing here.”

Aliens Group
reports, Ikea, Swedish Home furnishings giant, is all set to start its first Indian store at Hyderabad. Uber has opened its Centre of Excellence to provide support with the team of more than 500 customer service specialists to administer 24/7 assistance to riders and driver partners. Apple, which requires no introduction, will establish its world’s next largest technology development centre outside the USA in the City of Pearls at a cost of $25 million. Google lay on the line for the investments close to Rs. 1,000 crore to set up its largest campus. Amazon has geared up to structure Asia’s largest warehouse (280,000 sq. ft) on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Already, it is an inland Facebook, Microsoft, and Qualcomm.

Hardly, there is any star left on Hyderabad’s map to shine, and a day is not far when Telangana would be the only growth destination across the world.


About Aliens Group:

Aliens Group  headquartered in the hi-tech heart of Hyderabad, was founded in the year 2003.The group has grown exceptionally in the past five years in promoting modern, innovative, eco-sustainable and sophisticated large-scale living spaces.

Aliens Group’s philosophy, as unique as its name, is to provide ‘Intelligent Living’ alternatives to its customers. An efficient and professional team in partnership with internationally renowned consultants such as SMC ALSOP of London (Architectural Consultants), Meinhardt Infrastructure, Singapore (Structural Engineering) and Ranhill Berhad, Malaysia (Mechanical Consultants), is working towards designing these ‘Intelligent homes’. Today, Aliens Group is recognized for developing exclusive and unique townships and satellite cities in prominent locales of Hyderabad.


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