7 insane tips to survive a summer trip in India

Deep Narang

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Summer is finally here, and the nomad inside you is all excited to plan the next trip. Most of the trips in India are planned during this season, which make summers a peak time for tourism.

Research shows that a major chunk of the Indian population prefers to plan their trips during summers. But the unending heat waves can kill your holiday spirit.

In this article, we’ve highlighted few traveling tips for summer, which can help you make your holiday pleasant and memorable. Take a look:

traveling tips for summer

1.     Temperature

Among all traveling tips for summer, temperature of the place that is to research about the extremities of the temperature of the place you plan to visit. It is important to know the extent to which the temperature of your destination can rise. For a convenient and comfortable trip, you can select a place that remains cool throughout the year. Temperature is an important factor to consider, as travelers often fall sick due to the weather change.

2.     Destination

Emphasizing on hill stations and seaside destinations is wise, if you are planning your trip in summers. These are ideal places as they remain cooler even in summers. If you select such place for vacation, it will be easier for you to adjust with the weather. As compared to the other months, hill stations and seaside locations welcome huge crowds during this season.

3.     Hydration

The biggest troubles of summer months also include dehydration. No matter where you are going, you should always keep a bottle of water. Besides, include fruit juices in your diet. Apart from keeping you hydrated, this will bring rejuvenation to your body and mind.

4.     Food

You may love street food, but in summer you should avoid this temptation. This is the season when you are more prone to gastroenteritis and dehydration. Therefore, food that is very hot, oily or which doesn’t appear safe to eat, should be avoided. Whereas, watery foods like cucumber and watermelon make the best choices as they will also keep you hydrated.

5.     Take rest

It sounds like not significant but taking proper rest before exploring the place is utmost important in the between the other traveling tips for summer. A trip involves extensive traveling. You hop from one site to another in short time span, and most often avoid taking rest. However, in high temperature this can result in making you feel exhausted. One must take adequate rest in between to ensure a comfortable trip.

6.     Medicine

Another travelling tip for summer is to carry some emergency medicines. This is because you may not be able to find the required medicines at the right time. Besides, common diseases can occur anytime. Anti-motility drugs, anti-emetics and oral rehydration powder should always accompany you during your summer holiday.

7.     Accessories and clothing

When everything else is right, you will not want to neglect protecting your body from heat. Use proper cover for your mouth, nose and ears in the exteriors to guard yourself from hot winds. Otherwise, you can face dehydration. Moreover, a hat, umbrella and sunglasses can also be used to shield the eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.

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