“Girls Take Finance” by UBS and Bloomberg in 12 Cities Worldwide to inspire Teenage Girls

UBS and Bloomberg announce the launch of “Girls Take Finance” in 12 cities worldwide, in a move to motivate teenage girls to be the next generation of leaders. This initiative creates good educational and career opportunities for young women, aged 14-18, in business, finance and technology.

Major cities across the world like Jakarta, Johannesburg, London, Zurich, etc…, would be included under this initiative. UBS Group CEO Sergio P. Ermotti, who himself started his career in financial services as an apprentice at age 15, believes how well such initiatives can assist teenagers to make career choices. He adds, together with Bloomberg, we can seriously inspire girls who might not have otherwise thought of pursuing careers in these fields.

The aforementioned companies would partner with local non-profits in each city to host on-site events at locations pertaining to finance and business. The program would include workshops, panel discussions with industry experts, and motivational talks with industry experts.

Businesses that want to attract tomorrow’s brightest talent must do more to make careers in their industry accessible to more diverse groups at an early age,” said Peter T. Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg LP. This initiative is a follow up of the success of inaugural “Girls Take” events, where the companies convened more than 100 high school girls for a day of educational career mentorship.

Last year, in October, UBS and Bloomberg took the event to India, hosting “Girls Take Dalal Street” in two of the country’s most prominent western cities, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. About 150 young women from colleges across the cities participated in the event.

Also, UBS and Bloomberg have standalone initiatives that focus on assisting youngsters with their education and future careers.


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