Is it necessary to be TEFL certified to teach in china?


TEFL certification helps with job certaintyLooking to teach English abroad as a professional? A degree in English will help confirm your proficiency. TEFL, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certification option that can be undertaken if you are willing to teach abroad with/without any prior experience.

For teaching in China, TEFL is a pre-requisite to help you find a desirable job. However, its necessity may vary according to your experience, and situation.

Most schools that hire expats or foreign teachers need a university degree to evaluate the educational qualifications. Also, they may seek additional language or teaching certification course, to validate the expertise in a particular domain. Not only does a TEFL certification helps with job certainty, but it can also help in getting a higher salary package offer.

A university degree is an obligation as per the rules of the Chinese government, as they have been stringent on the non-hiring of untrained foreigners. Speaking English, and teaching English are two separate things often confused with one another. Therefore, a potential teacher should preferably be TEFL certified as it teaches the five major elements of English (reading, writing, pronunciation, speaking, and listening). TEFL course is designed for teachers, helping them instruct the non-native English speakers.

There are two main ways to pursue TEFL courses –online or in-person. TEFL must at least be 120 hours in order for its certificate to be accepted in China. If one’s willing to work in the china,

The increase in the salary base for a foreign teacher can either be done through experience or certification. Undertaking a TEFL course will add to the basic salary if you’re willing to work in China, and will also make you competitive for higher positions. On an average, most schools offer about RMB 1,000 in addition for those with a TEFL certificate.

Once you have completed the course and have all the requirements fulfilled, you can start applying for the best teaching jobs in China.


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