How database management companies like CAI are changing the workplace dynamics

The Database management industry in India is still in its infancy. However, companies like Connecting All India (CAI), and Searchline Database are giving an intensive makeover to the existing workplace dynamics.

What makes these companies different from others is that they profess remote operations by providing ‘work from home’ jobs to its employees. CAI has been a leading name in the remote work sector of India.

Work from home is gradually becoming a trend worldwide, largely due to the flexibility it provides to students and homemakers. What’s more? These jobs do not require any specific qualifications. Basic school education, a sound knowledge of word processing tools and a good Internet connection is all one needs to get started.

Most companies operate on membership basis, i.e., a person has to initially submit minimal membership fee to begin working. According to the plan they opt for, people receive definite amount of work to do. Remunerations depend upon the accuracy and correctness of the work submitted. Each company has a different field of specialization, and provides assignments to its employees accordingly.

For example, CAI deals in managing large databases through lead generation. Hence, an employee has to share contacts with the company on a regular basis, and get paid Rs 300 – Rs 500 per contact referred.

The company has three prominent membership plans for its prospective employees, namely Basic Membership, Plus Membership and Platinum Membership. As the names suggest, Basic Membership plan has the least work target, and hence pays the least amount. The duration for each plan is 6 months.

In Basic Membership plan, an employee gets a target of generating 1 lead per day, i.e. 30 leads in a month. The pay rate per lead in this plan is Rs 300, which amounts to a total monthly earning of Rs 9,000. The plan also offers reference bonus of Rs 300 for every lead that joins CAI in its work.

Plus Membership plan offers a pay rate of Rs 400 per lead generated, which amounts to Rs 24,000 per month. The work target is higher than Basic Membership plan – 2 leads per day, i.e. 60 leads in a month. The plan offers a reference bonus of Rs 400 for every successful joining of a lead.

The third membership plan offered by CAI is Platinum Membership plan, which offers the highest pay rate of Rs 500 per lead, amounting to a whopping Rs 45,000 per month. The work target for this plan is also the highest – 3 leads per day, i.e., 90 leads in a month. The reference bonus offered by this plan is Rs 500.

The easy to comprehend nature of these ‘work from home’ jobs is attracting a lot of people lately. Working from home is gradually becoming a popular option not only among students and homemakers, but also among retired personnel and regular 9-to-5 workers who want to earn some extra bucks.

With ‘work from home’ rising as a popular career path, companies like CAI are bound to experience great growth in the coming years.


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