Microsoft, Google, Amazon are making students AI equipped

Ritika Pathak

, Edu-Hour

AI has been developing at the drop of a hat. Transforming the technological sector, AI has made a profound impact. Visualizing AI as a valuable asset, companies are trying to leverage it and infuse it in their operations. While striving hard to be AI competent, organizations are incorporating it to gain a competitive advantage.

Microsoft is set to launch ‘Intelligent Cloud Hub‘, a three-year collaborative programme to help develop students in the field of Artificial Intelligence, cultivating them for leading AI roles in future.

The Microsoft ‘Intelligent Cloud Hub’ programme aims to catalyze collaboration with technology insights, cognitive skills, and a practical, in-depth understanding of developing intelligent connected solutions for application across industry and citizenship scenarios,” said Manish Prakash, Country General Manager-PS, Health and Education, Microsoft India.

Google is another company to come in the forefront for introducing mentorship programs in machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The company announces regular updates related to the “Launchpad Accelerator” mentorship programme for start-ups, which announced commencement in 2019.

Our Launchpad Accelerator programme is bringing best of our expertise, platforms, tools and core strengths including Machine Learning and AI, to help Indian start-ups build, scale and grow their offering,” said Paul Ravindranath, Product Manager, Launchpad Accelerator India.

Another major name plotting expansion in the Indian market, is of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cloud arm of online retail company Amazon. With increasing its scape in Artificial intelligence, a digital innovation programme headed by Madhusudan Shekar at amazon states “In a heterogeneous country like India, the scope of innovation is tremendous,” pointing out the multiplicity of needs and increased technology interdependence in a country of over 1.2 billion people.

Focusing on the importance of the virtual intelligence, he explained “With the availability of a wide range of AI, ML, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) tools, and pre-trained models with AWS, the cost, and time required for innovation come down drastically.

The conventional business models need to synchronize with the virtual technology in accordance with the nature of their operations, which will bring diverse growth opportunities.



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