STEAM Education Premier League (ISPL) launched by Makebot

Ritika Pathak

, Edu-Hour

One of India’s leading EduTech companies Makebot has launched Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) at DIDAC. ISPL is a competition that is aimed at testing robotics and AI skills of students from all over the globe.

The company is looking to bring the education of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics in the Indian education system. The competition will be first-of-its-kind in the education sphere.

“New Age education system in India is revolving around the adage, “survival of the fittest”. Since healthy competitions are integral part of our educational journey, very few work towards developing skills. Aligning itself with the same philosophy, Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) is the only competition in India which brings the STEAM education format as a learning pedagogy across all grades and enhances 21st century skillsets in a healthy competition league,” said Amit Verma, CEO & Director of Makebot while speaking on the eve of the launch.

Indian students have been participating in various global educational competitions since many decades, while we still don’t have a domestic one. The Makebot-manufactured competition would be the first one from India having international stature.

The competitive edutainment tournament helps one develop and evaluates his/her modern skills through a year-long journey. Students will go through a number of evaluation rounds such as STEAM aptitude test, Project and championship events, etc. In an environment of fun and joy, the competition allows students to learn various aspects of competitive life. Awards and recognitions will be highly instrumental in shaping up the future of a child and empower them to become responsible global citizens.

Indian Education sector is extremely vast. Since there is no shortage of talent, all that we require is experimental form of learning that this competition is expected to help students improve in.



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