Amazon work towards concretizing it’s healthcare delivery model

Upping their game in the healthcare sector, now Amazon is hiring high profile public health expert and clinicians to better the opportunities of healthcare for its workers. The company is planning to hire Vin Gupta, who is a principal scientist as the leader of the Amazon Care team.

Vin Gupta, has previously worked in pulmonary medicine and even worked as a consultant to Apple. Amazon is working towards strategizing the delivery of better care for its workers. A virtual medical clinic for Amazon employees, Amazon Clinic is based in Seattle. The company has started hiring for the Amazon Care team suggesting that the status is being turned into something concrete.

Amazon recently made a huge push in the healthcare sector by investing $3.5 trillion. The PillPack team is working towards providing medication delivery, they are working towards bringing Alexa’s voice technology into patient’s hospital room.

Currently, Amazon employees use virtual-only health advice apps and there is an option for in-person consultant where a health professional show up at their office. Providing medical benefits virtually, to its employers isn’t something new. This way of providing healthcare is unique and focus on delivering care to its employees.

Gupta and Amazon declined to comment on the news.


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