Meenu Agarwal, Director – MADS Creations, throws light on the small elements that can make the home a luxurious abode

“The very definition of home is comfort, calm and serenity that take away the stress of everyday life and bring peace to its inhabitants. In these times rife with uncertainty, we are seeking serenity everywhere around us.”

Meenu Agarwal, who has shaped MADS Creations into a prominent interior design agency in Delhi NCR, talks about the connection between Home, Décor & Life.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is a universal fact that all of us seek comfort and warmth in our homes. Occasionally, we have a bad day at work, or the daily commute seems to get to us, so running away to the mountains seems like a fabulous idea. Yet, none of our worries seem big enough when we are finally in that relaxing and soothing atmosphere called home!

Home is home! Thankfully, we have sway over its design and control over the ambience. But most of the times, we fail to turn our sub-conscious desires for décor into a well-executed reality. It is this predicament that is solved flawlessly by professional interior designers whose input, efforts and services aim to turn houses into homes.

One such pioneer of the craft is Meenu Agarwal, whose MADS Creations has been in the profession of Interior Designing in and around Gurgaon for the past 17 years now. As the Director and Principal Designer of such a renowned brand, she describes her approach to design as “a quest for self-discovery and a vision to deliver a global lifestyle”.

She explains, “Design is something which appeals to different people in different ways and forms – in terms of colours, styling, themes, textures, and décor and so on.”

The major challenge when it comes to turning your home into a haven of comfort and luxury, according to her, is “the misconception that such design proposals are for large properties like bungalows and villas”. Once this is cleared, and people see the advantages of a home makeover, the possibilities of transformation are endless.

As a veteran in the world of design, Meenu Agarwal has many crucial tips for beginners who wish to tailor their homes according to their tastes. With these small alterations, anyone can elevate their homes from ordinary residences to comfortable and luxurious abodes.

In this quest, her first focus in all Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations’ projects is the use of light. The essence of lighting, in her words, is of “creating a calm and cool atmosphere which can be achieved with soft lighting. Use ornamental hanging lamps or crystal ball lampshades to give that romantic charm”.

She does not imply compromising on the functionality for the sake of aesthetics, though. She advises “to keep one bright and functional light to help you carry out your chores or reading.”

As we all seek getaways into the lush green hills or the tranquility of nature, she recommends bringing the spirit of nature into our homes. By decorating your home with plants, the core of a home is rejuvenated. Meenu underscores the importance of greenery: “Their refreshing presence is essential to impart serenity to your space. They are also good air purifiers, and inject positivity and natural energy into your homes.”

The resulting element of luxury is bound to elate the residents, as well as have a calming and comforting effect on them. As the founder of MADS Creations, Meenu Agarwal has always endorsed the approach of custom-tailoring one’s interiors as per their inner desires. She stresses the fact that luxury is all about exclusivity, and has built on this sentiment to turn her firm as the frontrunner in the Interior Designing space in Delhi-NCR.

To people who want their homes to represent their inner self, she suggests: “Custom-made paintings, wall art, hand-picked accessories, a gallery of personal photographs and holiday mementos arranged in a funky manner… all help you showcase your personality in a quick and easy manner.”

Accentuating interiors with individuality, Meenu Agarwal says, “I believe that design is the heart and soul of those who live in that space.” For people thinking of making that small change, the words of a person with valuable professional expertise are bound to be encouraging: “Design is not a plan or drawing or blueprint. It is an artist’s impression, a scheme. It is something that depicts the inner self and identity. It’s an abstraction of creating things or maybe a process of creation.”


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