Sourcing Secrets with Alive Studio’s Architect and Interior Designer Anupam Singh

“Art is everywhere. It is in the markets we visit. It is in the social media apps we scroll. Interior designing is about bringing those art items together so that they paint an aesthetic picture inside your home that radiates your taste in design and the personality you wish to showcase.”

Most of us view our homes as blank canvasses. Especially if we prefer the luxurious touch with a contemporary design finish, we tend to go to great lengths to source the exact pieces we want on display in our homes. And why not? After all, our homes have become our havens of relaxation. We cannot just run away to the beach or drive up to the mountains but we can always find solace in the comfort of our homes.

Anupam Singh


And this is where the aesthetics of our homes matter. The space has to feel inviting and calming. It has to feel luxurious and comfortable. Only the best interior designing firm with the best interior designer can gift you such a home by sourcing your furnishing and decor items from places that you do not know about.

To give you an insight, we picked the creative brain of our very own Anupam Singh, and we wanted to know her secrets of sourcing luxurious and elegant items for your home. She is already working on premium Alive Studio projects at the M3M Golf Estate in Gurgaon and the Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad where luxury interior designing is her priority. Our question was simple – where do interior designers source their items from? And her answers were intriguing.


Sourcing furniture

Anupam Singh sees furniture as the cornerstone of her luxury interior design projects. To give a space its luxurious and elegant look, Anupam invests the most in luxury furniture that includes classy couches, comfortable chairs, unique coffee tables, majestic beds, chic wardrobes and more. She feels that the furniture is ultimate the standout element of every room in your house. Even the best-placed furniture can look awkward if they themselves are not luxurious enough.

Anupam Singh’s go-to furniture sourcing place is Alive Studio’s custom furnishing wing. “I am a massive fan of customised furniture because you then have control over each and every design. You can take input from the client regarding their needs and instruct your artisans to maintain a common theme. Sure, we can source readymade furniture from any supplier but customized furniture brings in that posh and classy look to the home. This is why we went to all the pain of gathering a talented team of artisans in our interior designing firm.”, were Anupam’s words.

Sourcing decor items

This needs the eyes of an expert interior designer, Anupam says, because she believes art is everywhere. Over her career, she has found the best pieces for luxury home design at dedicated home decor stores. And she has picked up some marvelous pieces from the roadside shops in Delhi’s lanes. “I cannot really pinpoint one source for my home decor items. I will buy from anywhere and everywhere if I feel that a particular item will go with the design I have in mind.”, said Anupam.

She also added that the online world is currently adding splendid home decor items to the market. If you know where to look, you can end up with unique and versatile decor pieces that can match almost any interior decor theme. “Instagram has surprisingly become my favourite shopping site. I also like to buy from Pinterest.”, added Anupam.

Sourcing frames and canvasses

“The home-owner”, said Anupam Singh laughing. She explained that the home she designs as part of Alive Studio should ultimately feel like a home to the owner and not some picture downloaded from the internet. Personal posters, pictures and canvasses are her way to add that homely feeling to her interior designs and infuse a few of the client’s memories into their homes.

“I often ask the homeowners to supply pictures of their families or vacations or anything personal to put up on the wall. Yes, I help with the frame design and placement but the main picture has to be the customer’s. Sometimes, I throw my art suggestions in to bring out the elegance of the place but I like to hang a few personal photos of the homeowner in their bedroom or living room”, mentioned Anupam.

The best interior designing firm will look after you as the true definition of luxury is highly subjective. The furniture you need, the decor items you like, only those should go into your home and personal space. The top sourcing secret of any designer should be what you prefer to see in your home. From thereon, it is all about the skills and expertise of the designer.


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