Horoscope 2018: Good Personal Power and Strong Philanthropy

Horoscope 2018 says the year is absolutely buzzing with energy. However, some anxiety still prevails. It is just a part of being overly energetic. All that you need to put the energy in good use is focus and a good sense of direction.

Horoscope 2018

2018 begins with a powerful Mars/Jupiter combination in no-nonsense Scorpio. This leads you where you want to go in life. Moreover, it brings a big booster of energy that influences a long-range career and family plans for you.

The sun, Venus, and Pluto gathered in logical Capricorn are likely to keep you grounded and on the right path. Greater charm and pleasant social interactions are powerful add-ons to your life-skills toolbox.

A strong social conscience helps everyone, as well as you. Everything that you will do for others will come back to you in a more generous form. Everything you do will be more enjoyable with the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius, irrespective of the cause and for who you did it.

This is the year of great fun and fantastic progress. Let’s find out what horoscopes 2018 has got for your zodiac!


Aries can look forward to success, praise, and pleasure. All you have to do is work persistently towards self-improvement and career goals. The year will begin to provide good chances for you to emerge as a better, brighter and a stronger person. The mid-year will be the time for you to make strong strategies for your social life and work.


You will experience 2018 as a rocking year. Your goals and aspirations will not be denied as your ruling planet, Venus, is one of the most powerful sources in the sky this year. Make your goals big and noble. Don’t be reluctant to make a big change. Be more constructive and comfortable. Mother Nature is on your side this year. So, surround yourself with beautiful thoughts in beautiful settings.


Gemini will have a bustling year and the chances are for you to connect with more people. This year you’ll engage in situations like never before. You will start various new tasks and explore new avenues this year. At the end of this year, consider recent big lessons and apply them more wisely.


Horoscope 2018 predicts the year and open book for you all. You will have access to everything the stars will offer, be it work, finances, family, love or anything else. Your skills to balance everything and work smoothly will outshine this year. Have a clearer view of the world and try to think bigger about bigger problems.


You are looking at a golden year as it is packed with energy, challenges, and opportunities. Your achievements of 2018 are made to last, so think, plan and proceed wisely. Emotionally you’ll fell more grounded. Events in life may feel more karmic. Moreover, they may have far-reaching consequences.


The year is for the Virgos to get intense, which will have its ups and downs. Make the most of the ups and skillfully cope with any downs. Take as much time as things take, but make no mistakes in your social and career lives. Socially, the year will be fun and busy!


In 2018, all focus is on you. Be prepared as people will look to you for advice and leadership. Just relax and enjoy the attention, as it will be easy and come naturally. Practice your authority with grace and generosity. It will offer people more reasons to respect and love you.


Scorpios will be powerful and a force of nature in 2018. Nothing and no one will be able to slow you down, once you decide on a plan of action. You are likely to scare people away with your intensity. Success and popularity will be readily available this year. Try to be more thoughtful in your career efforts.


The Sagittarius planet, Jupiter is powerful and ambitious in 2018. You will be going in full blast towards the direction that moves you forward. You have big things to do, people to see, places to go and no time to waste in 2018. From November until the end of the year, you may feel that nothing can stop or slow you down.


Life for Capricorns will make more and better sense in 2018. It will be much easier to achieve your goals and dreams with a clearer perspective. However, from the middle of April until early September, you may be the most impatient and perhaps anxious. Don’t dwell on difficulties or obstacles. Work your way through them methodically and emerge better and organized than ever.


2018 is full of changes that will just make you more influential and important. You may not always take yourself seriously, but please take what you do seriously. Consequently, you will see great progress and success this year. Power, passion and popularity are your keywords this year.


The year 2018 for Pisceans is for hard work, as the stars are working hard for you. You will have keen sensitivities, and sharp insights and intuition all year long. You won’t lose sight of your dreams, no matter how the material world tries to push its agenda. You will handle the fundamental daily life issues promptly and easily.

Horoscope 2018 suggests you to be intrepid, pragmatic, and smart as the year gives you all these qualities in abundance.


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