Lets Make an Impact Upon the Environment by Using ZEDPACK’s Non-Woven Bags

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The wonderfully convenient plastic bags, when initially introduced, were viewed as simple, easy to use and helpful tool for shopping. It isn’t until recently that people have come to realise the detrimental effect plastics have on our environment. Because of this, people have adhered to a new cultural norm: reusable canvas totes and non-woven shopping bags.

Many people understand that plastic bags are harmful to the environment but very few are aware of the how and why. Switching to reusable non-woven shopping bags will reduce the need of single-use plastic bags.

Over 99 percent of plastic is made of chemicals sourced from fossil fuels which are non-renewable resources. Minimizing the need of disposable plastic bags will lessen their production. This can help us save resources which can be used for other purposes. Non-woven shopping bag is the way to curb the demands for the plastic bags.

Companies like ZEDPACK have long been supporting environmental sustainability ever since their establishment. By manufacturing non-woven shopping bags with high durability, they have reduced the demands for the short-lived single-use plastic bags.

Furthermore, the single-use plastic bags end up as litters due to the carelessness of shoppers and also due to their light-weight built because of which a slight gust of wind can carry them away from garbage cans. This has posed grave threat on the lives of animals and on the ecosystem as a whole that is nothing unheard of. Given their reusability, non-woven shopping bags have kept the landfills from overflowing with plastic wastes. Made from a holistic perspective, the non-woven shopping bags by ZEDPACK are durable, light-weight, spacious and comfortable to carry.

Plastic and marine life

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A small change in lifestyle like bringing the groceries home in non-woven shopping bags can help the planet in so many ways. From the resources used for their manufacture to the process of making them and ultimately ending up as litter, single-use plastic bags are nothing but hazardous. Using reusable non-woven bags can right the wrongs plastic bags have caused and heal the environment.


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