California based to hire 200 employees for its Tiruvanthapuram operations

California based has announced that it has started its operations with over 50 employees in Phase I Campus of Technopark, Thiruvanthapuram. The IT firm is a leading market place service which offers convenient ways to book events, dining and parking spaces, amongst other things.

Commenting on the development, the Founder and CEO of, Binu Girija, said that the company would hire around 200 employees by the end of 2020. The company has operations across cities such as Pune, Chennai and Ahmadabad which are considered to be the hub of IT companies in India.

To expand its operations, the company established its office at the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram. Binu, who hails from Vilakkumadam near Anchal, aligning his personal and professional goals decided to bring up more jobs in the city while expanding the business of his firm at the same time. He said, “I was the 10th employee of UST Global at Technopark. I grew up here in Thiruvananthapuram. So, I wanted to add value to Technopark.”

Learning from a number of unsuccessful attempts in startups, Binu finally

established a successful startup in the form of in the year 2014-15. He said, “Once, I had to park my car and go for an urgent meeting. When I came back, they charged me $39. Later, I saw that there was a parking lot for $12 nearby. I felt cheated. I set up for solving parking issues through a transparent platform.”

Apart from engineers, is hiring a number of employees for a number of positions ranging from content writers to business developer. Binu said that the motive is to establish complete back-office operations in the city. He also added that it is essential on the part of employees to stay updated with the latest technological trends to remain employable.

Speaking on the latest job trends in the nation, he said, “Still, employee stock option is a grey area in India. Employees are not aware of it. In Silicon Valley, non-Indian professionals prefer startups. As soon as a startup sells or goes for an IPO, thousands millionaires are created in the Valley.”


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