Why didn’t Subrata Roy Sahara fly off Abroad even after SC’s Approval?


Who wouldn’t seize the opportunity whenever it knocks on the door? Anybody would; right? Well, not everybody. Some people just don’t want to take advantage of provided opportunity because they are responsible enough not to run away from the circumstances and face the consequences. A living and live example is Sahara chief, Saharasri Subrata Roy, who didn’t fly off abroad even after getting approval from the Supreme Court.


That’s a pretty known factor that Subrata Roy was seeking permission to go and meet Bill Clinton and Tony Blair but for business discussion only, which is always an opportunity for the Nation to grow and get some acknowledgment on a global scale. But do we ‘always’ value those efforts? The way, lawyers of regulatory authority are accusing the Sahara chief, for trying to escape the country before his trial, doesn’t reflect that valuing factor at all.
We are neither taking the side of Subrata Roy nor justifying on behalf of Sahara, rather we are trying to voice out that thought which gets suppressed by the majority, misinterpreted by the superiors and sometimes faces injustice by the society, which develops a perception about the authority being the real culprit.
First Datar ‘made it clear’ using his own assumptions that “Subrata Roy wanted to go abroad before incarceration” and then kicking the one already on the ground, by underestimating its assets’ value. Well, the latter was recently proved wrong the moment M3M paid the last instalment of its agreed deal with Sahara and the former allegation, well, what’s more than the proof that Roy was granted permission to fly off but the man decided to stay back in India? Anyway, at least Datar agrees that throwing the man behind the bars was an abrupt thing to do 2 years back.
If efforts are kept aside, then the great Indian conglomerate is left with only hope and positive outlook to the approach that everything will be alright.


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